Crying Havoc and Creating the List of a Decade…

Back in June I began the ever subjective task of trying to come up with a Top 100 albums list for the past decade. As one might imagine, not an easy thing to do when you’re an audiophile. I will still come across albums when I walk the dog or am driving in the car and shake my head and say, ‘How could I have missed that album on my T100?’ truth is – space is limited and there’s only so much room in the head and heart (that could be said about a lot of things, I suppose.) In any case, there are certainly glaring omissions, as with any list. You will not see U2, The White Stripes, The Strokes or The Killers on this listing…nor will you see any rap or hip-hop. Nothing against decade-defining albums for critics to laud over, but truth be told, they’re not spinning in my head 10 years later. It’s my list and you’re welcome to take stabs at it – in fact, I welcome the criticisms and comments. That’s what makes the aural debate so fun. With that, ‘Cry Havoc, and Let Slip The Dogs of War…’ I will reserve space in early 2010 for the near-misses and my commentary on other lists that might pop up across the ‘scene.’


~ by kjbox76 on November 21, 2009.

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