Top 100 CD’s (2000-2009) –> #89 through #80

#89: Snow Patrol/Final Straw (2004) — I’ve never seen Snow Patrol live, but if there was ever an album that seemed fit for both clubs and arenas in would be Final Straw.  This isn’t even a ‘happy,’ record either. But the examination of self and relationships through the lyricism is phenomenal against it’s companion soundtrack. Check out: ‘How to Be Dead,’ ‘Chocolate,’ and ‘Run.’

#88: Local H/Whatever Happened to PJ Soles? (2004) — Local H are like a gust from the Windy City. No two-man rocks as hard as this duo – unless you count anything Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin did between 2001-2007. This album is probably the nadir of their career, deftly spinning their brand of straight up guitar rock with a rare pop sensibility. Check out choice cuts ‘California Songs,’ ‘Heaven on the Way Down,’ and ‘Halycon Days.’

#87: Wednesday 13/Transylvania 90210 (2005) — Two things that go together like peanut butter and jelly are punk music and horror (see The Misfits, The Horrors, The Cramps). I discovered these guys through Slipknot –> Murderdolls –> Wednesday 13. This started out being my fun, guilty pleasu…re record of ’05. But four years later and I’m still giggling. Check out ‘I Walked With A Zombie,’ the title track and ‘Buried by Christmas.’ — featuring the great lyric: ‘All I want for Christmas is a custom-fit casket, with black velvet interior…oh yeah, and a bucket of chicken…’

#86: Placebo/Battle for the Sun (2009) — this is, hands down, my favorite band of the decade. Entering at #86, this year’s album sees the departure of drummer Steve Hewitt. Continuing in the polished vein of 2006’s MEDS album, it would seem the band has found it’s niche in alterna-rock culture. More songs for boys like me with hearts on their sleeves. Check out: ‘Bright Lights,’ ‘Happy You’re Gone,’ and ‘Kings of Medicine.’

#85: Sponge/The Man (2005) — These guys have been rockin’ hard for over a decade and a half. Their post-grunge, Detroit sound can be simplifed — it’s just damn good rock n roll. 05’s The Man was/is their hardest rocking album to date, takes no prisoners, and makes you wanna bang your head with an uncanny sensibility for hooks. Check out: ‘The Man,’ ‘Feels Like Love,’ and ‘Shittier Day Than Me.’

#84: Longwave/Secrets are Sinister (2008) — I remember seeing these guys at Valentine’s (1st Floor) with about 10-15 other people back in support of their 2003 debut and thinking, ‘these guys are gonna be big!’ Well, the band has taken the road less travelled and have kind of missed the mainstream success I initially expected. Has stopped them from putting out albums, though. I think this is the best, most cohesive album of the three in five years. Perhaps it was usage of producer Peter Katis (Interpol) or just stronger songwriting. Imagine Radiohead met the Strokes and you get the picture without the squonks. Check out: ‘No Direction,’ ‘Satellites,’ and ‘I Don’t Dare.’

#83: Ryan Adams/RocknRoll (2003) — the second entry for Ryan on my countdown. Yes he’s prolific, and yes one could fairly compare him to Neil Young. This album was exactly what it embodied – Rock N Roll. I remember this ablum from a number of road trips and it’s a great driving record. Perfect…parts throwback, perfect parts garage rock. Check out (though buying the album is well worth it): ‘So Alive,’ ‘Note to Self: Don’t Die,’ and ‘1974.’

#82: Alice in Chains/Black Gives Way to Blue (2009): sure, there have been bands who have been more prolific in the past 10 years, but who freakin’ cares? No disrespect to Staley, but as a cohesive, fantastic sounding album from track-to-track, this AIC release takes the cake! Some of Cantrell’s best writing. Check out: (one of the best tracks this year) ‘Check My Brain,’ ‘Your Decision,’ and ‘Private Hell.’

#81: Queens of the Stone Age/Era Vulgaris (2007) — After a disappointing 2005 release, I’d wondered if the loss of Nick Oliveri would do the Queens in. But Josh Homme was in one of the greatest stoner bands of all time! This is a trippy album that took me time to get into and it came at the end of 2007 when I realized how damn good (and diverse) the album was. Check out: ‘Misfit Love,’ ‘Sick, Sick, Sick’ and ‘Make It Witchu.’

#80: Pearl Jam/Backspacer (2009) — fourth studio album of the decade, but first in 13 years with Brendan O’Brien. This is the PJ I know and love. The band with a mission on it’s record to rock fast with abandon while at the same time writing songs with a sensibility to them. The other three albums over the past 10 years lacked a consistent theme. To some that was considered cool. Sometimes I like straight lines in my album rock. Check out: ‘The Fixer,’ ‘Unthought Known,’ and ‘Just Breathe.’


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