Top 100 CD’s (2000-2009) –> #21 through #29

#29: Ryan Adams/Demolition (2002) — this album from ’02 has something for everyone – and is his third album to make my Top 100 of the decade. The lonely heartbreak of ‘She Wants to Play Hearts,’ or the grooving nod to the 80’s on ‘Starting to Hurt,’ or the post 9/11 ode to NYC on ‘Nuclear.’ All of it true to form, and true to roots and heart.

#28: Zwan/Mary, Star of the Sea (2003) — the best output from Jimmy and Billy this decade. Though decidedly 70’s and ‘peace and love,’ in vibe, the update is still quite Pumpkinesque in tone and still features one of the greatest guitarists and drummers of the past 30 years. Jimmy has some of his best drum fills since MCIS on this album. Check out: ‘Honestly,’ ‘Jesus I/Mary, Star of the Sea,’ and ‘Desire.’

#27: A Perfect Circle/The Thirteenth Step (2003) — Maynard and Billy were joined by Jeordie White (Marilyn Manson) and James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) on this follow-up to Mer De Noms. In turn, they collectively upped the ante with even more atmospheric songs while retaining their modern rock edge. Check out: ‘The Package,’ ‘The Noose,’ and ‘Pet.’

#26: Chevelle/Wonder What’s Next (2002) — I had an advance of this disc about three months before it was ever available for public consumption and knew every track on it was a winner and that these guys were gonna blow up. It’s nice to be right every once in awhile. Check out: ‘Comfortable Liar,’ ‘Send the Pain Below,’ and ‘Don’t Fake This.’

#25: Cold/13 Ways to Bleed Onstage (2000) — quite simply this album took a lot of guts to write and put out there and I think that’s why it connected and created the fanbase for Cold that it did. All posthumous albums hark back to this one. I listened to the album again tonight and (going through some personal shit…) I still feel connected to a majority of the tunes represented here. It’s almost like a primal scream for those in pain. Check out: ‘End of the World,’ ‘It’s all Good,’ and ‘Sick of Man.’

#24: Our Lady Peace/Gravity (2002) — it’s no secret that this album was a dramatic departure for the band and received mixed reviews for being so ‘mainstream.’ In my mind, Bob Rock did it again – he brought out the band’s brilliance. Was there a lot of polish on the songs? Sure. But was it the band that created the songs and ultimately signed off on it? Yup. The songs are just damn good from start to finish and still have an incredible emotional connection for me that makes me remember the summer of 2002. Check out: ‘Somewhere Out There,’ ‘Do You Like It’ and ‘Bring Back the Sun.’

#23: Blink-182/Blink-182 (2003) — no one picked up the pop-punk torch from Green Day and carried it quite so well as Blink did. On this, their fifth album, a significant growth in writing took place. This was the Blink album that moved me from a casual listener to an interested one. I love the new-wave synths that end ‘Always,’ lead into the rubber band guitars of ‘Easy Target,’ and then meld into the spare drumming and unlikely (yes surprisingly workable) cameo vocals of Robert Smith of the Cure. They pulled it off and created one of the best pop-punk albums of the decade.

#22: Senses Fail/Let It Enfold You (2004) — where Blink 182 and Offspring took Pop Punk, there were also bands that littered the decade with Emo/Punk and helped put Warped and Taste of Chaos on the map. If you’re looking for a flawless album in that vein, look no further than Senses Fail’s first full-length. This was one of a small handful of albums that put Drive-Thru Records on the map. Buddy Nielsen’s lyricism and the band’s songwriting sensibility made for a powerful combination. What blew me away was seeing the DVD on the Deluxe Edition and seeing these were just kids and so damn talented. Check out: ‘Buried A Lie,’ ‘Rum is For Drinking, Not Burning,’ and ‘NJ Falls into the Atlantic.’

#21: NIN/The Slip (2008) — is this NIN’s swansong from the studio? No one knows – but what a way to end the decade musically. On hearing ‘1,000,000’ I said to myself – this is the best song they’ve released since anything on Broken…and that’s saying a lot considering the wealth of material since. Much more complete/cohesive than 2007’s Year Zero and for a band that released three proper studio albums – all from 2005 onward – this one is #2 in my ears. Check out: ‘1,000,000’ ‘Discipline,’ and ‘Demon Seed.’


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