Laredo (Beautiful Pastures)

Days like these are sad when you see a picture of someone you never really got to know as much as you would’ve liked. I wish I had different metabolism and that I was built bigger than I am. I wish I were more aggressive in certain areas or that I didn’t wear both my truth and my heart on my sleeve.

It’s weird enough having growing pains when you’re growing up. But when you’re all grown up and you are the way you are and it’s not enough for so many, nor even the ones you truly want to share with, it becomes an alltogether different animal.

I wish I were more successful. Perhaps then it wouldn’t matter as much about the whole relationship thing. Yet I’m not (yet) and it does. There were two weeks this year where I was truly happy again and (dare I say it) comfortable. I’d love to have those two weeks back…you never appreciate it as much as you should…


~ by kjbox76 on April 14, 2010.

One Response to “Laredo (Beautiful Pastures)”

  1. you are you, and you are beautiful. so were those two weeks.

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